Happy Easter…..Happy Spring….

Happy Easter everybody.  Spring in Northern Nevada can be interesting at times. It can snow, freeze, rain, hail, blow, sunshine, warm, etc, etc……needless to say the weather can do anything that it wants to do and we can do nothing about it.

Last Saturday we had gale force winds! Our wind speed was 40 mph, with the high wind gust at 63 mph. That was probably the one that did my roof in at home. And our poor new hoop houses didn’t stand much of a chance. They lost plastic, received ripped holes in their sides, and the cold weather bit at our precious new plantings. But being a farmer, you dust yourself off and continue working away. No worries, you will have fresh produce this spring. No matter what Mother Nature throws at us!

Celia, Donna and Gina have been busy bees prepping and planting the hoop houses since Christmas. I am sure they will be pleased with what “pops” out of the ground this year. They are not pleased with the wind we have been receiving the past couple of months and are ready for it to atleast die down a bit.

Our young goats have been playful lately. And definitely appreciate the feed they are receiving from the girls after pulling weeds in the hoop houses. You might want to stop by when you are in the area to say “hi” to the goats. We don’t have the produce stand open yet, but we may have some lettuce, braising mix or asparagus available for purchase on the kitchen porch this spring. We never know what we will have and how much. So sometimes stopping by or callin is the best option.

Everyone here at Lattin Farms would like to wish you all a peaceful Easter weekend. Hope your family has a wonderful time to talk, laugh and eat.



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