The flowers are looking awesome finally. I love sunflowers, as you have seen several sunflower pictures. The bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, the deer are eating. Well maybe not a good thing sometimes.


I took a stroll through the grape arbor and there are small grape clusters hanging. The birds are really loving it in there, I chases out several. It is cool in there, a great place for a club house.



The house garden has some large vegetables growing among the large plants.





Tomatoes are still taking their time ripening out in the fields. I will keep you posted when the boxes are ready for orders.




We had some family groups visiting this week and the cow train was brought out for rides a couple of times.





Being an organic farm, we can’t spray for weeds out here. So we have some visiting sheep here cleaning up the parking area. Of course they also get some of the old produce too. They are getting a little spoiled.


Fred the llama is taking some time to rest in the shade. He is here to protect the sheep from predators.





The bucks have been enjoying the produce and alfalfa during the cool mornings and late evenings. They are still in velvet right now. The does have hidden away with their fawns for now, have not seen them yet.


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