Good Day Sunshine…..

It is always a good day on the farm when the sun shines and the plants are growing. I walked into a couple of hoop houses yesterday afternoon, and wow are they ever warm. The weather in Fallon has been in the high 80’s this week. I love it! The prior week the temperatures were 100+, and my body does not like it that hot. Even the birds were hot last week. But the squash sure like the hot weather, because we have squash growing out of our ears….well ok it only feels like it.

Please remember that the produce stand is now open with the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. We will extend the hours as more produce starts coming in. Right now we have cucumbers, squash, garlic, greens, baked goods and jar items.

This picture seems a little dark, which seems strange that it was mid-day when I took it. I was driving through the farm and enjoyed the view of the hills beyond, the trees in the center and the hay field in the foreground. A typical day on the farm. I have heard of reports of deer sightings on the farm now. And of course there are a lot of birds everywhere. It is so peaceful here in the early mornings and evenings. I love it!

Do plan on coming out to the farm during the next few months. Critterville should be coming back soon, we have a wonderful green lawn, a fenced in kid section and a volleyball court. It is a wonderful place to have a family picnic. You won’t be sorry.


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