Lovely night for some farm fun!

We had the Churchill County Livestock Show & Sale Dinner here at the farm on Saturday, April 16, 2011. Boy did we have a lot of people. B Ann made french dip sandwiches with , fresh green salad, homemade salad dressing, baked beans, with cookies and cakes for dessert. It was a wonderful dinner. We had a packed house for the evening.


And of course being a youth show, there were sure a lot of kids running around the grounds after dinner. They were rested, fed, and full of energy and wonderful ideas. Here are a few pictures of the children playing.


The evening was lovely. The setting sun gave me some bright, soft light to take pictures of our visitors. These items are always on the farm and you are more than welcome to stop by with your kids to check it out, any time of year. We have a great grassy area for picnics. The animals are not back yet, but there are plenty of things that the kids can spend time checking out. We want to thank the Livestock Leaders for bringing this crew out to Lattin’s Farm for dinner Saturday. We hope you all had an enjoyable time. The parents could sit and talk and the children had a safe area to go run off some steam.

These two last pictures show the moon coming up that evening over Lahontan Valley. The first picture is over the produce stand and the second picture is over three of the hoop houses. I hope you have a wonderful week, and I will keep you all updated on what is happening on the farm. Happy Spring!!


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