Great Basin Basket CSA signups are due soon

It has been and will be a stormy week here in Churchill County. I took some pictures of the last storm. I couldn’t get onto the blog to post until tonight. The snow had a nice high content of moisture. And melted very quickly too.

The snow was already melting into the puddles around the produce stand when I arrived at the farm.

The grape vine and house garden area looks very sad lately. I can’t wait until the vine starts growing and the birds fly in and out of the arbor.

The hoop houses look like they are snoozing under the winter snow drifts, but they are being prepared for planting. Getting excited!

Here are some of the wagons on display, waiting patiently for warm weather and children to play around them.

I want to remind you all that the Great Basin Basket CSA sign-ups are due soon. Great Basin Basket is a partnership of Nevada farmers whose mission is to provide families with high-quality, seasonal produce grown on local, sustainable farms. They are Nevada’s largest CSA with more than a dozen family farms contributing farm-fresh produce to our members from mid-April through early December. When you join and become a member, you are providing your family the freshest, tastiest produce, supporting local farms and supporting our local economy.

Explore the pages on their website to learn more. Download a registration form for 2011.


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