Good Morning

Well yesterday was really windy in Fallon once again. But this morning we have blue skies and a breeze. Though it is picking up  somewhat now. We are supposed to have rough weather this weekend, we shall see.

Everyone has been talking about the Japan quake and there have been amazing pictures and videos coming out all over the web. I wanted to share an amazing video I found that a gentleman videotaped his walk through the park in Tokyo during the earthquake. It shows liquefaction occurring during the earthquake in Tokyo Central Park, and I have never seen that before.  It is quite, quite remarkable.  Please watch the entire video because the action picks up about half way through it. Amazing.

I went to the Nevada State FFA convention last night in Reno, Nevada. Those kids are amazing. They were so excited, and always courteous. I love the FFA and 4-H kids. The speakers last night were Troy and Stacy Hadrick from South Dakota. They have a website, blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages that share their passion for agriculture. They talked about how we, as farmers and ranchers, need to spread the factual word about how agriculture really is. The truth about  how animals are really raised and cared for, how we treat our lands, and how our goal should be to tell the positive story of agriculture. Not what people read about in the paper or magazines.


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