Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Wow yesterday was such a windy day in Fallon, I thought our top soil was heading to Utah. It is really hard to work in the fields when it is so windy. But three of our hoop houses have been prepared for planting. I can’t wait for the fresh produce to start being picked. mmmm Today should be a nice, warm, non-windy day on the farm. But tonight is supposed to bring some changes. We are due for a storm for Friday. You know the old saying, if you don’t like the weather in Northen Nevada right now, just wait 15 minutes, you will get something else. I have seen sunshine, wind, rain, snow, wind and back to sunshine all in one day. All I can say is, wear layers.

Picture courtesy of AllRecipes.com

I was thinking about making a nice warm, stew for the weekend and I thought this recipe looked very yummy. How about a slow cooker beef stew? And you can’t have a stew without having fresh, baked bread too. I have started doing artisan bread at home, and I am surprised at how easy it is. Here is a great article from Mother Earth News magazine called Five Minutes a Day for Fresh-Baked Bread.

Picture courtesy of mark Luinenburg and Mother Earth News

Well, I hope you have a fun Saint Patrick’s day, maybe I should have put an Irish recipe up today. Well then, make your stew with lamb stew meat…..oh I have that on hand.


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